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  1. Tomás Saraceno
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  3. A spider-obsessed artist is collaborating with MIT to spin the architecture for climate change
  4. Tomás Saraceno on capitalism, meditation and spiders | Financial Times

The Argentine artist is renowned for launching his sculptures into the air. However if the weather refuses to co-operate, they fail to take off at all.

He has even developed a machine that allows him to scan their webs in order to create precise 3D models. In his studio, a three-storey edifice which used to be a photo-chemicals factory, minutes from the River Spree, Saraceno employs between 40 and 50 collaborators, including biologists, arachnologists, anthropologists, art historians and other artists.

Tomás Saraceno

Most visually beguiling is a room where nimble-fingered associates assemble the skeletal polygons that are the distant cousins of the cradles woven by the eight-legged insects. Some are still in embryonic stage but many are already suspended from the ceiling, where their weightless, airy facets lend the room a fourth, near-cosmic dimension. Saraceno proves if anything harder to tether than his creations. Our interview is scheduled for 5pm but nearly half an hour later, the artist — a picture of blonde, tanned sangfroid in jeans and a covetable teal-green sweater — is still magnetised by a work in progress.

When I finally steer him to a table he seems perplexed by my presence. I explain that it is to highlight the new piece of sculpture he is making under the patronage of Audemars Piguet , whose annual commission appears on Miami Beach, during the Art Basel fair — of which the Swiss watch company is a sponsor. A long silence ensues. Finally in a whisper-soft voice he explains that he is concerned that sponsors sometimes promote themselves at the expense of art.

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The artist comes first. Does he really believe that it is possible to take large amounts of money from private corporations without any compromise at all?

Project gallery

Asked how much money he has received for the commission from the Swiss firm, he professes not to know. But this transformation requires collective endeavour.

Blues Saraceno – Dogs of War

Saraceno is a restless soul. Saraceno is messianic about the environment. Like many intellectually less-ordinary people, he is also easily bored. He sighs at such mundane obstacles but then explains with renewed enthusiasm that this is an opportunity for yet more exploration into sustainable energy solutions.

A spider-obsessed artist is collaborating with MIT to spin the architecture for climate change

Titled Algo-R h i y thms , the large scale installation is a site-specific commission. Each module is anchored to the floor, ceiling and walls of the room, like a giant spider-web in which visitors are invited to wander and interact with the work by touching the cords to create sounds, as if they were playing an instrument. Museo Aero Solar is a collective project initiated in It is an open invitation for everyone to turn used plastic bags into a lighter-than-air balloon. It is both a flying museum and a solar sculpture. The exhibition ON AIR is an ecosystem in becoming, hosting a polyphonic choreography between human and non-human universes, where works reveal common, fragile and ephemeral rhythms and trajectories uniting these worlds.

As a hybrid organism, ON AIR is made of a myriad of presences, animate and inanimate, that meet and cohabit within it. Some voices become quiet, whilst others, usually less heard in the world, are magnified.

Tomás Saraceno on capitalism, meditation and spiders | Financial Times

The exhibition functions as an ensemble, performing the illegible ties between events and sensibilities, the togetherness of earthly and cosmic phenomena, weaving a web of relations that cannot be described but maybe can be felt. In this email is a confirmation link. Please click on this link to confirm your subscription.

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