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Fethullah Gu len is a Turkish intellectual, scholar, and activist whose influence over a new Islamic intellectual, social, and spiritual revival is revealed in this insightful book.

Readers will gain a fuller understanding of where Gu len stands on issues of inherent human value and dignity, freedom of thought, education and taking responsibility for creating society and the world. In addition, readers will also see how different perspectives across time, geography, and worldview can still find points on which to engage in dialogue and find a deep resonance. Seller Inventory ANB Do the fundamental sources of Islam permit terrorism? Articles contributed for this book provide extensive analyses on Islam's perspective regarding terrorism and suicide attacks, as revealed in the Qur'an, and the Traditions of Prophet Muhammad.

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Seller Inventory AAG Sufism is the heart of Islam. Its key is an inner light and awakening, an outer courtesy and service to humanity. It relates to it much as the mystical tradition does to Christianity, but far more prominently.

With authors like Rumi achieving all-time popularity, it is increasingly acknowledged as a spiritual answer to modern materialism. This introductory guide describes its origins and background, the relationship with Islam and its spread throughout the world. It covers what is means to be a Sufi and the relevance of Sufism in modern life. Biographies of prominent Sufis and a selection of writings complete this guide to a profound tradition. Seller Inventory AAJ God's lovers stand beyond all faiths, as theyAre shown by God Himself a higher way.

In particular it focuses on the struggle against the self, and how to choose the right companions in order to progress along the mystical path. By interweaving amusing stories and profound homilies, Rumi instructs his followers in a style that still speaks directly to us.

The Cycling Anthology : Volume One (1/5) eBook

The most influential Sufi poem ever written, the six books of the Masnavi are often called 'the Qur'an in Persian'. Self-contained, as well as continuing the journey along the spiritual path, Book Two is here translated into rhyming couplets in the style of Jawid Mojaddedi's prize-winning translation of Book One. Each affordable volume reflects Oxford's commitment to scholarship, providing the most accurate text plus a wealth of other valuable features, including expert introductions by leading authorities, helpful notes to clarify the text, up-to-date bibliographies for further study, and much more.

Seller Inventory AOP UK ed. Dedicated to the memory of Islam's Prophet Muhammad on the occasion of his birthday, this book includes articles that discuss various aspects of the Prophet and Islam's fundamental concepts. It argues that it is time for both Muslims and non-Muslims to restore the image of Prophet Muhammad as a role model and a father.

Book Description: Dover Publications Inc. The first concise history of Sufism to appear in any language, this work remains among the best. A noted scholar offers insights into every aspect of Sufism, from interpretation of the word of God and the life of the Prophet to the theorists of Sufism, the structure of Sufi theory and practice, and more.

Book Description: Lmh Publishing, Jamaica, In ISLAM Building Bridges he calls for a new spirit of justice for all, mutual acceptance and global unity as a basis for an enduring world peace. Seller Inventory AAT New ed.

The Koran, in 3 Hours eBook by James Dean - | Rakuten Kobo

Ziauddin Sardar, one of the foremost Muslim intellectuals in Britain, learned the Koran at his mother's knee in Pakistan. As a young student in London he set out to grasp the meaning of his religion, and, hopefully, to find 'paradise', his quest leading him throughout the Muslim world, from Iran to China to Turkey.

Along the way he accepts that he may never reach paradise - but it's the journey that's important.

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At a time when the view of Islam in the West is so often distorted and simplistic, Desperately Seeking Paradise - self-mocking, frank and passionate - is essential reading. Seller Inventory AA Exploring the Islamic tradition of cleanliness through detailed rules and rituals, this book defines physical cleanliness and analyzesother dimensions of cleanliness, like keeping the heart safe from various kinds of wrong thoughts and maintaining earnings that are untainted byillegitimate income.

Book Description: Insomniac Press, Canada, W R Clement, an ex-policy analyst with a 95 percent accuracy rate, proposes that the current conflicts in the Middle East are part of a larger change underway in the Islamic world. He argues persuasively that Islam is in the early stages of a religious reformation not unlike the Protestant Reformation of sixteenth-century Europe. According to Clement, we are witnessing the beginning of a long and bloody religious struggle into which the West is being drawn whether it likes it or not.

About the Book: God said, "We have created everything in pairs.

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Our physical form here in this earthly life is only a reflection of our heavenly form. Like plastic fruit and real fruit, one is real, while the other is an imitation. This book looks at the nature of the physical world, the laws governing the universe and from this starting point, jumps into the realm of spiritual knowledge - Sufi teachings which must be "tasted" as opposed to read or spoken. It will serve to open up to the reader the mystical path of saints which takes human beings from the world of forms and senses to the world within the heart, the world of Gnosis and spirituality - a world filled with wonders and blessings.

He graduated with a B. He later received his Islamic law degree, then went on to study the Sufi spiritual path with two great master of wisdom. Shaykh Kabbani is the chairman of the Islamic Supreme Council of America, an educational organization based in Michigan. The divine reveals to the 'righteous', and is attaining this rank requires that they be ordained with certain qualifications and virtues as once manifested to the highest degree in Islamic civilisation. This book reminds us of these virtues, and shows the path that those lofty souls have followed in the past, leaving behind exceptional models.

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Book Description: Kregel Publications,U. This compelling sequel delivers more real-life snapshots of modern day heroes--from Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, and secularist backgrounds--who have sacrificed everything to follow the call to faith in Christ. These courageous men and women truly understand the importance of religious liberty and pray that even their enemies may be saved. Tariq Ramadan is very much a public figure, named one of Time magazine's most important innovators of the twenty-first century.

He is among the leading Islamic thinkers in the West, with a large following around the world. But he has also been a lightning rod for controversy. Indeed, in , Ramadan was prevented from entering the U. In What I Believe, Ramadan attempts to set the record straight, laying out the basic ideas he stands for in clear and accessible prose.

He describes the book as a work of clarification, directed at ordinary citizens, politicians, journalist and others who are curious or skeptical about his positions. Aware that that he is dealing with emotional issues, Ramadan tries to get past the barriers of prejudice and misunderstanding to speak directly, from the heart, to his Muslim andnon-Muslim readers alike. In particular, he calls on Western Muslims to escape the mental, social, cultural, and religious ghettos they have created for themselves and become full partners in the democratic societies in which they live.

At the same time, he calls for the rest of us to recognize our Muslimneighbors as citizens with rights and responsibilities the same as ours. His vision is of a future in which a shared and confident pluralism becomes a reality at last. Through developing an original analytical framework that, for the first time, systematically relates productive, market and financial variables, the authors are able to rewrite the history of the car business since Henry Ford.

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